Finding new ground

Finding new ground

Discover your talents in worrying times

5 sessions on Wednesdays, from 8 PM to 10 PM.
Dates: April 28th, May 5th, May 12th, May 19th, May 26th    
First session is free of charge. 
With Piergiulio Poli

“Finding new ground” is an online live support group that involves 6/10 people, designed to provide much needed relief and healing.  

The group provide english speaking people based in Italy with a safe and supportive environment to share experiences and find practical solutions to everyday emotional and psychological challenges.  

Participation will help you: 

  • Better cope with social isolation in a foreign country 
  • To manage stress, anxiety and worrying   
  • To establish helpful relationships with partners and family member in a time of crisis    
  • To discover emerging talents, useful to face the unknown future   

Price: 200 Euro all inclusive

Piergiulio Poli

Piergiulio Poli 49 years old, licensed Gestalt Counsellor. He worked for the last 20 years between Ireland and Italy.  He specializes in providing clients support during painful as well as potentially fruitful life crises, related to career change, breaking of relationships, illness or death of loved ones.


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